5 best vodka mixers

Although I like a little wine or a beer with a meal, I sometimes like a vodka tonic with a lime. But, what if you want something to mix the drink with? Well, consider these five best vodka mixers.

1. Orange Juice

Vodka and orange juice blend together to create the classic cocktail known as a screwdriver.

Since vodka is essentially a purified spirit that consists solely of alcohol and water, orange juice makes a perfect mixer.

OJ is one of the most popular vodka mixers on the market due to its high acidity, which masks the similar burning taste of vodka. Any vodka aficionado should sample a screwdriver at least once.

2. Cranberry Juice

It’s nearly impossible to walk into a bar without seeing at least one person drinking cranberry juice and vodka.

The Cape Cod, as the drink is famously known, has been a staple of spirit culture for generations, and its distinct sweet yet bitter taste will continue to keep it at the top of many preferred mixer lists.

Cranberry juice is often touted as the most popular vodka mixer in the world, and it provides a range of health benefits thanks to its antioxidant properties that help with weight management, clear skin, and more.

3. Lemonade

Lemonade works well as a vodka mixer for about the same reasons as orange juice.

The acid content of the lemonade helps reduce the strong alcohol flavor, and the bittersweet flavor of the juice adds several distinct layers of taste to the beverage.

Store-bought lemonade works just as well as homemade. Homemade may have the upper advantage because you can tailor the sugar content.

Vodka and lemonade make the perfect beverage for beating the heat in the summer or enjoying a night at the bar.

4. Sprite

The crisp flavor of a classic lemon-lime soda makes a great addition to any vodka.

The effervescent soda creates a perfectly blended drink that requires no mixing or shaking, and the crystal clear appearance of the cocktail offers a sophisticated appearance.

Sprite provides many of the best aspects of other vodka mixers, like a sweet yet bitter flavor surrounded by hints of fruit, but it does so without the caffeine associated with other sodas, and sugar-free Sprite can be used in the cocktail.

If you can’t find Sprite, then Sierra Mist, 7-Up, or whatever generic equivalent is at your store will work just as well.

5. Tomato Juice

To be fair, vodka and tomato juice alone require a few more ingredients to build a Bloody Mary, but this salty cocktail is classically known for its ability to help with a hangover.

Many people enjoy the depth of a Bloody Mary just for the unique flavor and spicy aftertaste that kills the taste of alcohol.

There are countless varieties of tomato juice that can be mixed with vodka to make this famous beverage, and bartenders are constantly innovating new ways to improve upon this staple cocktail.

What is the best vodka mixer?

Many of these vodka mixers listed are ideal for the minimalist in the group, or for those counting calories.

But for me, the best vodka mixer uses tonic water and seltzer, along with a lime. It dampens the strong taste without adding calories.

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