Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves: Reviews in 2016

Whether you’re fond of tinkering in the kitchen or not, you’ll certainly want functional cooking equipment, and pots and pans to match.

Read reviews of the best cookware for glass top stoves on the market in 2016 on Amazon.

While glass top stoves look classy, they’re rather delicate. Glass is easily scratched and it won’t handle the usual rough treatment in the kitchen.

If your pans are a little warped on the base, they’re not the most ideal things to introduce to your glass top.

But don’t ditch your old cookware yet; take a moment to read these bits of info and tips. See if you can do something about your old kitchen pals or get a total cookware makeover to get the best cooking results and extend your glass-top stove’s useful life.

Circulon Infinite hard anodized cookware set

circulon infiniteCirculon Infinite hard anodized cookware set features 10 pieces. The set includes 2 covered saucepans, 1 covered stockpot, 1 covered sauté pan, and 2 open skillets – this should be enough to serve the cooking needs of an average-sized family.

The pots and pans are made of hard-anodized aluminium, with flat stainless steel bases and cast riveted stainless steel handles. Lids are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel.

All items in this set are oven-safe up to a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher-safe. The material and flat-bottomed design ensures even heating and durability. Circulon offers limited lifetime warranty for this set.

Lodge Elements silver cookware set

lodge elements sc90setLodge Elements silver cookware set includes 2 sauce pans, 1 stock pot, 2 skillets and a handle mitt.

One skillet is made of pre-seasoned cast iron, an item which has made Lodge an iconic US brand.

The rest of the pots and pans are made of marine-grade stainless steel, with multi-layer clad bottom that makes heating and cooking faster.

There are graduated markings on the inside of the pots, which help in measuring water or stock. Handles and tempered glass lids are sturdily constructed.

Emeril’s Pro-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Emeril offers this 12-piece 3-ply stainless steel cookware set includes 2 covered sauce pans, 1 Dutch oven with lid, 1 covered sauté pan, 2 open pans or skillets, 1 steamer inset, and 1 universal splatter screen.

Tempered-glass lids are oven-safe for a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, while the rest of the items tolerate temperatures of up to 550 degrees.

The pots and pans are made from bonded 3-ply stainless steel and aluminium, have ergonomically designed riveted handles, and are dishwasher-safe.

The pans have ergonomically-designed handles and helper handles; with rims that are flared for easy pouring. The set is covered by a lifetime warranty.

emeril e914sc64 pro clad

What characteristics to look for when buying good cookware for ceramic glass top stoves

1. Flat and smooth bottoms – Generally, you’d prefer pots and pans with smooth, flat and level bottoms, not only to attain even heating, but also to avoid scratching the glass surface of the stove.

2. Heavy base – Pots or pans with heavy base will sit in place and be more stable on the stove than lightweight cookware.

3. Unpainted bottoms – Enamel-coated, ceramic and colored-bottom cookware tend to bleed under extremely high temperatures and stain your stove.

4. Metallic material –The highly recommended pots and pans are those made of stainless steel, carbon steel, heavy aluminium and titanium.
Aluminium is highly reactive to acidic food, so choose hard-anodized or stainless steel coated aluminium. Copper are great heat conductors, so they are often picked up by cooking enthusiasts. Cast-iron is versatile and can be used on glass-top stoves and in ovens. Copper and cast-iron, however, easily corrode if not cared for properly and may cause staining on your glass-top. Cast-iron also easily causes scratches and dents on glass-tops.

5. Medium-sized – Heat will be more evenly distributed over the base of medium-sized pots and pans, with bottom diameter not more than 1 inch smaller or larger than the circumference of the burner. Small pots will heat up very quickly, while large pots will have parts unheated or heated unevenly.

6. Deep-sided – Pots with deep sides will contain spillages, and help keep burners and vents.

Find the best cookware for glass top stoves on the market in 2016 on Amazon.

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